Gaban Retrieving Over One Meter Hurdle

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​​Puppies!!!   Puppies!!!   Puppies!!!

Our German Shepherd puppies for sale are socialized from birth on and are treated as part of our family.  They interact with children and adults all through their developing stages.  Our puppies are healthy, confident, intelligent, beautiful and lots of fun, although a handful at times.

Our dogs are everything a true German Shepherd Dog should be.  They are natural guardians and protectors.  The noble German Shepherd is well-balanced, clear headed, proud, confident and courageous with the ability to adapt to any situation and distinguish the difference between friend or foe.  Once you have owned and lived with one of these magnificent dogs and it has become part of your family, we believe you will feel the same way as we do.  They are a very special dog.

​Finn in Florida

A Gaban/Rita Pup

World Class German Shepherd Puppy Available

1 Gorgeous Female Puppy!!! off of a Gaban/Rogue Litter!!!

Born July 12, 2019 

Ready for Her New Home Now!!!

Below are a couple pictures from a Gaban/Rogue July 16, 2017 Litter

A Gaban/Rita Pup

Our German Shepherd Dogs will turn heads whether you are walking down the street or taking a trip to the park.  These dogs are so smart they might at times make you question your own intelligence.  These dogs are something you can be very proud of.  It will be without question, you own a German Shepherd Dog!  

Vom Kuno Haus German Shepherds has German Shepherd Puppies in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, Texas, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.

If Vom Kuno Haus German Shepherds can be of further assistance about this noble breed or German Shepherds for sale or German Shepherd Puppies for sale, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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A Gaban/Rita Pup

Vom Kuno Haus German Shepherds

​​Welcome to Vom Kuno Haus German Shepherds.  We are located in Florence, Alabama in the St. Florian area on 15 acres in a serene country setting.  We are a day's drive from Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and the surrounding states.

We are a small family run operation that strives to breed only the finest quality West German Working/Show Line German Shepherds to produce only the finest quality West German Working/Show line Puppies and Dogs for sale.  The German Shepherd Dog is a true passion of ours.  Breeding the German Shepherd Dog is a science and a responsibility.  We believe in quality not quantity.  We breed our dogs for the best possible quality and invest many hours into their development to insure they are fit and healthy and have a better chance at long, happy lives.  The lineage of our West German line German Shepherd Dogs are proven producers in Schutzhund, Show and Confirmation Ring, Police, Search and Rescue, Protection, Obedience and Tracking.  They are bred for intelligence, ability to work, health, beauty and temperament.


Hero in Alabama

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