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Breeding only the finest quality West German Working/Show line German Shepherd Dogs to produce only the finest quality West German Working/Show line German Shepherd Dog Puppies for sale!

Just in time for Christmas

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German Shepherd Puppies Available

The Dam, Elga Vom Kuno Haus is the daughter of our own Margit Topolovnicka

The Sire is our own Gaban Vom Julianenweg 

Ready to go to their new homes the weekend of December 8th

for the above litter please contact us (Allan at 256-443-0959 or Debbie at 256-394-1257)

or Bryan Winters at 662-212-2801 (the Dam's Owner)

Also Available

​One female off of Margit Topolovnicka (Storm) and Gaban Vom Julianenweg

She will be ready for her new home the weekend of December 22nd

Please contact Allan or Debbie

Puppies for Sale

Below are a litter of Delta and Gaban's Puppies at 4 Weeks Old!!!

Vom Kuno Haus German Shepherds
 located in Florence, Alabama is within a day's drive of Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida and surrounding states.  If you are looking for an authentic, true West German working line German Shepherd Puppy, we encourage and welcome you to contact us to schedule a visit to see and interact with our German Shepherd Dogs, watch them at work and play.  You can see for yourself what we and they are all about.

Like many other breeds, German Shepherd Puppies for sale are easy to find and buyers have plenty of choices.  Popularity, however, is a double-edged sword.  Availability complicates the selection process and impulse purchases are an ever present temptation.  To acquire a quality puppy, begin by finding a knowledgeable breeder who is dedicated to preserving the high quality of the German Shepherd breed.  Vom Kuno Haus encourages you to visit other German Shepherd Dog breeders, tour their facilities and take a long look at their sires and dams.  Watch their adult dogs work and play and interact with them.  All puppies are cute, beautiful and adorable.  Your focus should not be on the puppies, it should be on Mom and Dad, that's what makes the puppy.  If you aren't allowed to or are not able to do this, then we strongly suggest you look further before purchasing your new German Shepherd Puppy.

Here at Vom Kuno Haus our focus is on our dogs.  It is a privilege and an honor owning and breeding these magnificent animals (the German Shepherd Dog).  These German Shepherd Puppies are not something you purchase, play with for a while and then throw away.  They are a lifetime commitment.  Vom Kuno Haus German Shepherd Puppies for sale are looking for owners who will be as loyal, dedicated and committed to their new Puppy as their Puppy will be to them. 

We have a commitment of excellence and dedication to our dogs and you.  At Vom Kuno Haus we do not believe the relationship with our German Shepherd Dog/Puppy's new owner(s) ends with the sale of our german shepherd puppy.  We try our best to educate our new German Shepherd puppy owner(s) on what to expect and help them have a good understanding of what one has when they own a German Shepherd Dog from puppy to adult.  Our desire is to help you be better prepared German Shepherd owners.  Vom Kuno Haus German Shepherds does not believe in selling you a puppy and all you have when you leave is a "good luck with your puppy".  Luck has little or nothing to do with it.  Knowing what to expect and how to handle it makes life much better for you and your new German Shepherd Dog.   We value your feedback and love to receive updates and pictures.  We are always here to answer any questions you might have and help in any way that we can whether it is now or 12 years down the road.

All Vom Kuno Haus German Shepherd Puppies for sale come with a health and temperament guarantee, can be registered with the American Kennel Club and a copy of his or her pedigree.  Our German Shepherd puppies for sale are socialized from birth on and are treated as part of our family. They interact with children and adults all through their developing stages. Our puppies are healthy, confident, intelligent, beautiful and lots of fun, although a handful at times.  They will be up-to-date on vaccinations, dewormed and socialized.  All Vom Kuno Haus German Shepherd Puppies are guaranteed to be free of crippling hip dysplasia.

At Vom Kuno Haus, the sale of a German Shepherd Puppy is not what is important to us.  The health, happiness and well being of our puppies is of the utmost importance to us.  Therefore, Vom Kuno Haus German Shepherds reserves the right to refuse the sale of any German Shepherd Dog/Puppy to anyone we do not feel is a good fit.

Our German Shepherd Puppies for sale start at $1,850.00 (plus shipping if applicable).  These are not your average, watered-down, German Shepherd Puppies, these are authentic West German working/show line German Shepherd Puppies with outstanding pedigrees!  Most breeders of this quality of German Shepherd Puppies are getting on average $2,500 per puppy.  (Puppies are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks of age)

Vom Kuno Haus will award $100 to the owner of any Vom Kuno Haus German Shepherd Dog that obtains a Schutzhund/IPO title, provides us with proof of and grants us permission to share the information with our viewers.

There is a $300 deposit required to reserve a puppy.  The deposit is non-refundable except in the event there are no puppies available.  Should no puppies be available, deposits would be refunded, or upon request, applied to the next litter.

Puppies for sale are reserved on first come basis.

Planned Breedings

Rita V Ljulin to Gaban Vom Julianenweg, Mid July 2019

Delta Vom Palez Team to Gaban Vom Julianenweg, Mid January 2019

Rogue Vom Kuno Haus to Gaban Vom Julianenweg, Late November 2018

Margit Topolovnicka (Storm) to Gaban Vom Julianenweg, Mid July 2019

German Shepherd Dog Puppies For Sale

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Allan at (256) 443-0959 or Debbie at (256) 394-1257 (located in Florence, Alabama)