Vom Kuno Haus German Shepherds

Here at Vom Kuno Haus, we breed only the finest quality West German working/show line German Shepherd Dogs to produce only the finest quality West German working/showline German Shepherd Dog Puppies for sale!

German Shepherd Dog Puppies For Sale

The German Shepherd Dog's loyalty, protectiveness, trainability and arrogance (in the good ones) plus the athleticism for the size and the sheer versatility is simply unsurpassed.

They are house pets, yard dogs, conformation dogs, obedience dogs, herding dogs, protection dogs, dogs leading the blind, hearing dogs, companion dogs, Schutzhund dogs, search and rescue dogs, police dogs and military dogs.  "The one dog that fits in all of these situations is the German Shepherd Dog."

We believe that no other breed will do whatever is asked of it, with all of his heart-even to the detriment of his own safety and life- the way a German Shepherd Dog will.

Here at Vom Kuno Haus we adhere to the breed as created more than 100 years ago.  We strive to preserve the founder's perceptions and dreams by breeding intelligent, trainable and incredibly loyal dogs that are willing to die for their family.    The German Shepherd Dog's history has called for a high standard and that standard has given us the dog we have today.  Capt. Max von Stephanitz said it best when he muttered "Utility and Intelligence".

We believe getting the right owner is crucial to safeguarding this noble breed's good name.  Only people with the discipline and ability to establish and adhere to systematic procedures and rules should own German Shepherd Dogs.

Most German Shepherd Dogs are strong willed and you can't let yourself be intimidated by these dogs.  As an owner, you need to give guidance, the right enviornment and training.  Fortitude and commitment is a must to own one of these dogs.

For those who are willing to invest their time, money and make the commitment to bring out the best in the noble German Shepherd, the payoff can be extremely rewarding.  A dog that is a goofy clown one minute can be capable of great heroism the next and vice versa.

At Vom Kuno Haus we adhere to the following Code of Ethics

     1) breed our dogs only for breed improvement
     2) provide adequate facilities, time and resources to breed and raise puppies
     3) ensure that all puppies receive adequate socialization, veterinary care and
         suitable homes
     4) conduct relevant health screenings for breeding stock
     5) refuse to deal with commercial dog dealers or breeders who do not adhere to
         the code of ethics
     6) sell only dogs of sound health and temperament
     7) provide written contract stipulating conditions of the sale, guarantees and
         return policies
     8) provide complete health records of vet exams, deworming and vaccinations the
         puppy has received, a schedule of future vaccinations, tests and treatments,
         and instructions about feeding, grooming and general care
   10) provide a copy of the puppy's pedigree
   11) provide a registration certificate or application issued by a recognized registry
         (if these are to be withheld or issued as a limited registration, this should be
         noted in the contract)

For questions or inquiries contact us by email at contact@vomkunohaus.com or call
Allan at 256-443-0959 or Debbie at 256-394-1257 (located in Florence, Alabama)